How Small Retail Businesses Can Benefit from Slatwall

Small retail businesses face a number of issues when they launch. Money is tight, space is often tight and learning what works best in terms of displays takes trial and error, to name but three. However, if you try something in your display and it doesn’t work, unless you have a flexible display infrastructure, you have to spend money you don’t have to correct it. The answer to this problem, as well as the other two identified is slatwall!

Affordability of Slatwall
When you move into a retail space, you would have to spend money to cover the walls in some manner anyway. With a wide range of pricing options for slatwall, you could attach that around the outside perimeter of your shopfloor without too much outlay and whilst benefiting from the many advantages that slatwall brings.

Slatwall For Saving Space
Being able to affix displays to your walls means that you save space on your shopfloor. The sheer number of different types of display that you can attach to slatwall means that any business can find multiple solutions to suit them. From shelves to jewellery displayers, waterfall arms to Euro hooks, items big and small can hang from your shop walls, keeping that precious space on the shopfloor free for more displays or simply to allow customers to move around more freely.

Versatility of Slatwall
Perhaps the most striking benefit of slatwall is its versatility. If you set up a slatwall display and you realise it isn’t working, it can take just minutes to shift it around, refresh it and try something new. If you attach shelves and other accessories to the wall, you have to take them down, cover up the damage and hang them again. It is costly and time consuming in a situation where every penny counts and time is of the essence.

Similarly, you can rotate stock more easily, and accommodate new items that might not fit with the current accessories. Simply swap out the old slatwall accessories for new ones and instantly renovate the look of your shop.

If you have a section dedicated to a concession or pop-up, you can accommodate a wider variety of guests because you can swap around many different types of slatwall accessory on which to display their stock.

Simply adding slatwall to your walls helps you experiment with the look and feel of your store without worrying about heavy renovation work. Once the slatwall panels are up, they are the blank canvas on which you can paint your business story.

When you open a business, you need to be able to roll with the punches and be as flexible as possible. Slatwall is a key player in that aim.

Launching a New Retail Business?
If you are launching a brand new business and want to take advantage of the amazing powers of slatwall, talk to us today. We have many years of experience in setting up retail businesses to succeed and we want to help you to make the most of the retail space you have. We can advise on exactly what items you need and we assign you a dedicated account manager who is available by phone or email whenever you need them to help you make the right choices for your displays. Call us today on 0330 221 9841.