How to Display Sports Mannequins to Appeal to New Routines

Sports mannequins are the perfect way to appeal to the huge number of people who have either taken up exercise seriously for the first time or who are looking to move their workouts into their home while the coronavirus pandemic rolls on.

Sports mannequins are the perfect way to appeal to the huge number of people who have either taken up exercise seriously for the first time or who are looking to move their workouts into their home while the coronavirus pandemic rolls on. Exercise was one way people kept themselves sane through particularly the early stages of lockdown and gyms are not operating as they were pre-Covid, so you need to make the most of this fresh audience.


But how do you appeal to these new routines, these new ways of exercising? Using your sports mannequins in the right way can help new fitness enthusiasts feel confident enough to purchase the gear they need and can show reluctant gym members that there is a way to recreate their regime away from public spaces. Here is The Retail Factory’s guide on how to display sports mannequins to make the most of this audience.


Basic Exercise Essentials


When the country locked down, there were only a small number of reasons allowable for leaving your home. You could go to work if it wasn’t possible to do from home, you could go shopping for food or medicine, and you could exercise. Purely from wanting to escape the four walls of the house, and helped by the generally decent weather in the Spring, a lot of people took up exercise more seriously than ever before.


More than half of Brits indulged in a new training activity, according to a survey carried out by Nuffield Health at the time. And now the shops are open, those who are sticking with their workouts will want to do it properly. But the thing to remember for retailers is that these are likely to be newbies. They may never have previously considered buying proper exercise equipment, and this is where your sports mannequin displays come in.


The most popular exercises were walking and running, so you might want to target these activities initially. Put together the basics of what they need, displayed on a specialist runner or walker athletic mannequin. Match shorts and t-shirts, along with complementary accessories such as sunglasses, sweatbands, fitness trackers and, of course, trainers. Getting this overview of the ideal basic running or walking kit gives the novice a visual checklist of what they need. It also provides them with the confidence to make that purchase. If this is displayed as ‘necessary’, they can shop in the knowledge that everything they take home is handy for their new passion.


Capture the Eye With Your Sports Mannequin Display


Any good display is there to capture the eye, and one way you can grab the attention of your new potential customer is to show them something unexpected. As yoga was the third most popular lockdown activity, you can add this into your visual marketing strategy.


The Retail Factory has two different yoga sports mannequins on sale, both representing variants on the lotus position, which can create a stunning centrepiece for your display. Whereas lockdown yoga enthusiasts may have spent their time at home in scruffy shorts and t-shirts, taking their cues from YouTube videos, now they may be looking to step it up a gear.


Demand their attention with a yoga mannequin display and draw them over to witness all of the clothing and accessories they need to take their new favourite hobby to the next level.


Show Them What They’re Missing


As much as gyms are trying to provide a Covid secure destination for members, it is understandable that many people do not want to spend time in an enclosed space with strangers at the moment. Obstacles such as having to book certain slots and having to spend time wiping down surfaces might also dissuade them from attending these venues.


With that in mind, the timing is right for showing these fitness fans that they can work out at home. During lockdown, the Nuffield survey found that 31% of gym goers substituted household items for training equipment, with 12% using wine bottles and 11% using flour or sugar packets in place of weights.


Now that the world is reopening, it is time to move these home exercisers onto the proper kit and that is why you need sports mannequins. We have sports mannequins for sale that show men and women in weight lifting positions, as well as aerobics mannequins and more. You can display these with the assorted home gym accessories that you want to sell to help upgrade them from those old Chardonnay weights!


Help With Buying Sports Mannequins


If you need help buying sports mannequins, talk to The Retail Factory. We have many years’ experience in fitting out retail units and making the most of the space available to create stunning displays. The current crisis means that there are more people than ever on the lookout for sporting goods and that is why we want to show off our sports mannequins for sale.


These will form a display that encourages customers who have experimented with new activities or who want an alternative to gyms to get the right kit and make a go of it. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you capture this market.