5 Creative Ways to Boost Your Retail Display With Clothes Rails

In a world that is as competitive as the retail environment, standing out is key. What can you do to tempt a shopper into your store rather than your closest rival’s?

In a world that is as competitive as the retail environment, standing out is key. What can you do to tempt a shopper into your store rather than your closest rival’s? The impact of your display from your windows to your clothes rails is an important consideration and can make sure that people notice you, remember you and choose to visit you.

The only issue is working out what to do that is different and eye-catching enough to gain that wow factor. This is where you have to think differently and work out how to utilise the tools at your disposal to make a statement. With that in mind, here are five creative ways to boost your retail display with clothes rails. 

  • Get Creative With Design

The humble clothes rail is sometimes thought of as merely functional. This doesn’t have to be the case. Yes, it is there as a tool for hanging clothes on, but it doesn’t need to be anonymous. It can form a part of the display as much as any other item.

We are used to clothes rails being black, white or metallic silver, but you can actually decorate them and turn them into anything you like. If your brand colours include a bright red, why not paint your clothes rails in the same tone? There is no reason not to, but people so very rarely do so. This is a real opportunity to do something different that will instantly grab attention from shoppers. Why allow them to continue not noticing the rails when you can surprise them at the same time as bolstering your brand?

You can also decorate them in certain patterns, cover them with stickers or do anything else that fits your style and makes the most of these often unnoticed items of retail display furniture.

  • Colour Code the Hangers

If you are not up for cracking open the spray paint and decorating the clothes rails in wild and wonderful ways, try something less outrageous but still striking. Colour code your hangers so that everything from a certain designer or range hangs on one colour, whilst another designer’s work hangs on a different colour.

Alternatively, maybe all trousers hang on green hangers, all jumpers on blue, all t-shirts on red and so on. Another option is just to attribute the different colours at random, creating a riot of bright tones across the shop.

Have fun and come up with your own system for injecting more colour into proceedings. Anything that makes your shop stand out from the rest of the competition and that helps it become a destination and an experience rather than just another shop is perfect.

People will love browsing your rails and it is a very simple effect to achieve.

  • Find Clothes Rails Alternatives


Do you need to use traditional clothes rails? Could you substitute other items for clothes rails? These are questions that are worth considering. A sports shop might use parallel bars, for example. If you are all about the environment, you could find reclaimed wood and fashion it into clothes rails. Some shops with an industrial chic feel could use scaffolding for hanging garments on.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional elements of shop displays if you don’t have to. Work out what fits in with the style, theme and look of your displays and see if you can work out the look that will slay all of your competition.

  • Use Clothes Rails in a Different Way

Most people do want to use traditional clothes rails, however, because they are proven to work. But you do not need to use them in the way that everyone else does. Some shops hang their clothes rails from the ceiling instead. You get the same benefits of holding your stock, displaying it to your customers and guiding visitors through your store, but the initial sight of upside down rails is breathtaking to behold.

There are practical advantages to this approach too. One of the problems of a clothes rail in a traditional position is that you can trip over or kick the supports. When the rail is suspended from the ceiling, this is no longer an issue.

You can have short rails hanging from the wall too. These concepts look stunning, but are still very practical and enhance your shopfloor display.


  • Perch Items on Top of Rails

If you want to keep your clothes rails in the usual colour scheme and traditional position, there are other ways to decorate them in order to make a statement. Add decorative items on top or them or wrapped round them.

For instance, you could perch taxidermy animals and birds on top of the rails. Another idea is to wrap fairy lights around them to create a cosy look in your shop, or maybe you could attach antiques or nostalgic toys, depending on the feel of your business. Clothes rails don’t have to all look the same, no matter which shop you browse. Adding in a little element of difference means that shoppers remember your store and can even spread the word about it to their friends.


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