Create Eye Catching Displays With Flexible Mannequins

Create Eye Catching Displays With Flexible Mannequins
When it comes to shop displays, the more eye-catching the better. This is why incorporating flexible mannequins into them is such a good idea. These moveable dummies stand out from the crowd because you can bend them at various points on their bodies, setting them in any number of different poses. Because of this adaptability, you can create some truly unique displays to encourage shoppers to come into your shop and spend some money. However, one of the problems of having so much choice over which positions to put your flexible mannequins into is that it is difficult to settle on a theme. This is why we have put together some ideas for stunning displays that you can try out to really bring your shop to life and show off your clothes and accessories. Sporting Displays Although there are already sports mannequins, they are usually set in one position. This is a great choice if you want to set up a display and leave it for a while. But if you want to have some fun with your dummies, you can use flexible mannequins and make a different display every day. You could tell a story through the week. Start with a running kit-clad flexible dummy in a sprinter’s starting position on Monday. Through the week, you can change it to present various stages of the race, with the dummy in a victorious, arms aloft pose on the Saturday, when you are likely to have the biggest footfall. Not only does this keep things fresh for you, it also keeps any regular shoppers interested. If the display is in your window, workers on their lunch break can track the progress through the week as they pass by. It also provides you with some great content for your social media profiles and can create a real buzz about your shop. Film Scenes We all know that fashion works in trends and cycles. There are often huge influences from the past that are reimagined for a modern, contemporary audience. Use this nostalgia to present the latest clothing lines in a relatable and noteworthy way by picking a relevant film from that era and positioning your flexible mannequins in homage to a famous scene. For example, if the 80s were back in a big way, you could produce a display that resembles one of the group shots from The Breakfast Club. Whatever the era, there is a suitable movie to ape that will bring back memories from people passing your store. This also works for big blockbusters that come with their own image. In 2013, Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the remake of The Great Gatsby, set in 1920s America. It sparked a craze for flapper dresses and the like, which would have been a perfect opportunity to represent the excitement and glitz of the 1920s party scene in your own shop. You could even mould the flexible mannequins into Charleston poses. Outdoor Activities Another great bonus of flexible mannequins is that you can adjust them to positions that fit whatever it is that you sell. There are many great fixed mannequins for a range of pastimes, but there is never going to be one dummy for every single interest in the world. With flexible models, your imagination is the limit. If you have never found the perfect mannequin for your business, this is your opportunity. Whether it is fishing, roller skating, lacrosse, curling or anything else, you can position a flexible mannequin in any position you like. This gives you a real point of difference from any other shop on the market and, in the unlikely event someone does come up with the same display, you can instantly change yours to remain unique! Flexible Mannequins at The Retail Factory We have a huge range of flexible mannequins at The Retail Factory. From small children, through teenagers and male and female adults, whatever dummy you need to create the perfect shop display is here. Browse our selection today until you find the one that you need, then put in an order. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ring on 0333 344 2693 and we can answer any questions that you have. We are more than happy to give you the benefit of our many years of experience in the retail industry to match you up with the perfect product. Very soon, you will have a flexible mannequin display to be proud of!

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